Pirongia, Mt

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Pirongia, Mt
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Pirongia Photo by Vinodrinker
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Elevation 959 m (3,146 ft)
Location/List North Island, New Zealand
Region Waikato/Coromandel
Location Coordinates 37° 59' 35" S, 175° 5' 52" E
Nearest Town/s Pirongia, Te Awamuti, Cambridge, Raglan, Hamilton
LINZ Topographic map/s Add this data
Geology Volcano
| Translation ‘Pirongia te aroaro o Kahu’ (the fragrant presence of Kahu)
Recommended Route
Duration Help.gif 6-8 hours (return)
Distance 8.4 km (5.2 mi)
Start/End Points Corcoran Road
Difficulty Help.gif Medium
Track conditions Help.gif Track, Boardwalks/stairs/wooden briges
Season Help.gif All year
Sights Views , Lookout platform, views of Raglan and Kawhia Harbours
Hazards Snow, Mud , slippery surfaces, wet weather, light snowfalls in winter
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E kore ahau e tu mokemoke, ko nga tuituitanga, a tai, a awa, ki etahi ano o nga maunga, e mau nei ki te toka maru.

I (Pirongia) do not stand lonely and alone. I am bound by the tide (Kawhia) to the rivers (Waipa and Waikato) and to other mountains (particularly Karioi and Taupiri), strong and unmoveable.

Source: Pirongia te Aroaro o Kahu Restoration Society

Pirongia is an eroded volcano which rises out of the gentle rolling Waikato countryside south of Hamilton. There is a choice of numerous tracks to the summit, with the most popular Corcoran Rd route taking between 3-5 hours on the ascent.

If you enjoy Pirongia's beauty, please consider supporting the excellent work of the Pirongia te Aroaro o Kahu Restoration Society by sponsoring a hectare of Pirongia. This will help return Pirongia to a complete living forest, and will assist with pest control and track cutting. The Pirongia te Aroaro o Kahu Restoration Society website also provides comprehensive information on Pirongia's history, geology, flora, and fauna.

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Our Recommended Route

From the end of Corcoran Rd, the Tirohanga track heads up to the rocky knoll of Ruapane summit (723m), which provides a lookout across the Waikato. Allow one hour to reach Ruapane from Corcoran Rd. From here the going gets harder, as you will need to navigate some rocky sections with the assistance of chains. The track then narrows along a ridge, and you will pass the the rocky pinnacle of Tirohanga. The track in this section is of tramping standard with tree roots and mud.

The upper section of the tramp gets steeper before you reach boardwalks which take you across muddy sections just before the summit. At the summit there is a viewing platform - this allows you to get above the forest and see the panoramic views across the west cost harbours of Raglan and Kawhia, and possibly to Ruapehu and Taranaki on a clear day.

On the lower slopes the forest is predominately rimu, totara, tawa and tree ferns. Higher up, the forest changes, and you will see hardier plants like kamahi and horopito, and mountain flax, coprosmas and ferns near the summit. Keep an eye out for native birds, as grey warblers, fantails, tomtits, pippits, harriers, kingfishers, New Zealand falcons, kereru, tui, bellbirds and whitehead can be spotted in the Pirongia Forest Park.

See the Pirongia Forest Park DOC brochure for more information and maps.

Height Profile

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xx Mt Pirongia via Te Araroa

March 04, 2014, 01:54:10 PM by Greenslime
Climbed Mt Pirongia as part of the Te Araroa walkway from Cape Reinga to Wellington. This was day 38 from Cape Reinga. The track was one of the more technical encountered so far on the walkway. We were lucky to have great views on the day up. After sleeping in Pahautea hut (the first hut on Te Araroa), we awoke to cloudy conditions which lasted until an hour after we exited at the southern road end.

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xx Mt Pirongia

April 01, 2013, 05:09:30 PM by Chris FRENCH
Was on holiday at my in laws at Raglan and I was released from the kids to bag Mt Pirongia.
I followed the advice of Peak Bagging NZ and started my hike from Corcoran Road. I have a Nike +GPS sports watch and I started it from the car park.
 I started at 10.26 am and I went to the summit and then on to the hut and lunch and then back down the same way. It took me 3.58 hours and the morning chorus was in full song. 
It was very white and misty on the way up but started to clear on the way down. The track was dry to start with and a little dusty in places from the drought but a few showers on the way up and it started to mud over and the tree routes became very slippery.
 Another great hike but will have to do it again to see the view from the top.  Also DOC signs state that it is about 6.5 km to the top but my watch says its 11km from the car park to the summit on to the hut and back which would make the kms to the hut about 5.5 so I would say the summit is a little less than 6 km. 
A very good work out climbing and hiking.

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xx Pirongia

January 30, 2013, 08:00:05 PM by Ash Bash
It was a very good day to do Pirongia, there was great views and the weather was fine. Cheesy

Along the way we did Tirohanga from both sides, the easy side and the steep south side.

There was quite a few people on the track.

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xx Mt Pirongia

January 28, 2013, 07:28:04 AM by Claire Bear
It took us 4 hours and 45 minutes to get up and down Mt Pirongia and we climbed up to Tirohanga on the way there and back. We had lunch at the top of Mt Pirongia and took photos before we headed back to the car park. The weather was great and it was a good day overall. Cheesy

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xx Pirongia

January 03, 2013, 09:10:11 PM by GreenBLAT
From Corcoran Rd via Ruapane, brief detour to climb Tirohanga bluff and to the summit viewing platform in about 3.5hrs. Carried on to have a look at the hut and boardwalk to Hihikiwi then back the same way, all up about 7 hours

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